Black people who wrote the bible

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"It would be of extreme importance that the average parishioner have some kind of understanding of the chronological development and order in which the King James Authorized Version of the Old and New Testament came about. ...," etc.

As we look back into the history of the Holy Bible, or "HOLY SCRIPTURE AS WRITTEN BY GOD INSPIRED SCRIBES," we seem to forget that all of the BIBLES we use were the works of various writers, both men and women; but mostly men. And that all of the WORKS or BOOKS were compiled into what is today our various VERSIONS of "HOLY BIBLES" or "HOLY SCROLLS." We have also failed to realize that the BIBLES we use today are the result of a period of hundreds of REVISIONS and TRANSLATIONS that cover approximately two thousand four-hundred and ninety-five [2,495] years—from ca. 700 B.C. [BCE] to 1973 A.D. [CE]. Yet all in this period was preceded by much more earlier fundamentals created and developed by indigenous African People.

These later on became the basic teachings of Judaism, and then Christianity. For even Moses, the father of the OLD TESTAMENT, was an African who used much of the ancient teachings of his fellow Africans of the Nile River [BLUE and WHITE] and Great Lakes regions Mysteries System of Northeast and Central-East Africa he allegedly passed down to other African Jews that converted them into what later became the PENTATEUCH or OLD TESTAMENT [Five Books Of Moses or Holy Torah].

The very first "BIBLE" or "SCROLL" on record produced by man, with regards to paying honour and divine respect to a "CREATOR OF ALL MANKIND," was that of the African People of the Nile Valley and Great Lakes regions of Central, East and Northeast Africa. They were no different than the Africans we see today in the Harlems and Timbuctoos of the entire world we erroneously call: "NEGROES, COLORED FOLKS" and "BLACK PEOPLE" today. It was called by its African creators and developers...


It was translated from its original Hieroglyphic Text into the English language by many Europeans since the latter part of the 19th Century A.D. The easiest one to read is called...

"THE [Egyptian] "BOOK OF THE DEAD.",

This translation was done by Sir Ernest A. Wallis Budge, and published in London, England during the year 1895 A.D.
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    Since the ORIGINAL BIBLE was produced by the Africans approximately 3,400 years before the OLD TESTAMENT, and more than 4,200 years before the NEW TESTAMENT, countless VERSIONS of it have been written and published. From this base all of the biblical references in this pamphlet is rendered. You will notice that they follow in sequential order...the two [2] ORIGINALS and all of the
    VERSIONS of the old and New Testament. For further details beyond this pamphlet you should read Volume III or The Black Man's Religion.

    Although it is the "KING JAMES [Authorized] VERSION OF THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT" that most Protestant Christians use as "THE ONE, AND ONLY, TRUE BIBLE," you MUST be reminded that it is one of the very late of the many VERSIONS of the BIBLE; and that many of the other VERSIONS since its publication in 1611 A.D. You will also notice that there were many English VERSIONS before the "KING JAMES [Authorized] VERSION OF THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT." Its popularity was due to the fact that the rulers of Great Britain's military power was able to force practically everyone in their hundreds of colonies throughout the entire world to adopt the "OFFICIAL BIBLE OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND" as


    It will prove most beneficial for BIBLE STUDY CLASSES to make comparisons between the various VERSION. This method of STUDY will not only enrich your retention of the teachings in the BIBLE; but it will also give you a better understanding of the role the African People commanded in the founding of JUDAISM and CHRISTIANITY. You will equally understand that most BLACKS do not know that the NEW and OLD TESTAMENT historically, geographically, socio-politically, racially, etc. are PART AND PARCEL OF THEIR OWN HERITAGE. Some of the MAJOR VERSIONS, and the two [2] ORIGINAL BIBLES, follow in chronological order bellow along with highlights of the historical events that caused and/or influenced them. I have shown tha map below as an aid to the LAND OF THE BIBLE [Africa and Asia; followed very much later by Europe].

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