word "Nigger" came from the Khemit term for 'GOD'

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thanks Heather...

"Never forget that the word "Nigger" came from the Khemit/Egyptian term for 'GOD' and that the word is 'N-G'R' or 'NET-GER'. - Bro. Alim Bey

"NGA" is original name for Queen. 'Niger' means King in Ibo and Niger-IA means Queen. Those countries were the lands of kings and queens - Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization

"The root word NGR existed in ancient Egyptian Sacred writings and hieroglyphs...and has divine origin and meaning." - Ernie A. Smith, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Linguistics and Doctor of Internal Medicine

N-ger-s refers to ...The Goddess Neggur (Hathor) who is one of the oldest female deities of ancient Kemit (Egypt) who was worshipped thousands of years before Genesis and the Bible existed. - Sir E. A. Wallis Budge, (1857-1934), Egyptologist

"Nugarmatta: Term used by Africans of the Ghana Empire to call themselves" -writings of Ibn Buttata in National Geographic Magazine

"Remember to know a thing or a person's real name is to know its power. To pronounce it correctly is to free its energy. To deny your real name is to deny your power and energy." - Anonymous

"In conclusion it is time that Negroes, pan-negroes (pan-africans, melanesian negroids, indo-negroids) and blacks worldwide know that the so-called negro is of the godhead and should start believing it, having self-confidence, belief in self and in their ability." -Bro. Alim Bey

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." - Hosea 4:6

Mad Props to Sistar Shaba Shabaka (RIP) author of Nigger-A Divine Origin. Wise woman, before you left, you knew what was coming down the pipes.

Peace and Blessings,
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    Thank you for this.

    It means something to us and that is what matters. Not what white folks or any others have made it to mean.

    So today we need to make it mean what we want it to stand for. F%^# what anybody else thinks.

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    "The mental must always stay calm.
    You must let nothing move you, be it good or bad.
    But when the mental cannot be moved, there is no longer good or bad, there just is.
    When there just is, you have the power to form and shape."

    - Jeru The Damaja
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    dont know about all that....I am down for connecting and knowing your roots and all that. and I understand the need for origins. But I am not going to accept that word in reference to me, my people or anyone else. No matter where it came from and seeing from your examples the pronunciation is way different. We are searching for our origins, roots and to make that connecton with that which we all know is truth regarding out heritage. But come on!!! There was a time where we had enough respect that no person not of color would come and say that to our face, and if they did that was the start of a fight no questions asked. In fact you would probably be forgivin if that was the cause of your getting suspend or what not. There was a time where that word would cause an uproar which it still does(KRAMER). We didn't make excuses, we didn't justify, we didn't celebrate, and we did not compromise.

    I am not going to roll back any clock like people seem to do nowadays and start calling a brother nigger an then stop myself and try to give him a history lesson why its okay that i am calling him that. Why don't I just call him god it would have a much better effect. Too many of us fought for positive labels, AFRICAN, AFRICAN AMERICAN, AFRO AMERICAN ect.

    Maybe the word was corrupted over time but I wont accept that corruption nor will I try to market it back to my people with a little snazzy catch line NIGGER MEANS GOD......come On!!!!!!!

    Lastly we are talking about our origins right? Hathor was not the Kamitic name that was Greek Origin the dieties names contain the words of power. And a saying by an anonymous author....I see those in the public bathrooms all the time, it was probably a dude who didn't want to start a fight and get beat down. But if you are really feeling this God Star then change your profile name to Nigger Star and see how empowering it is.

    If something is worth studying its worth living---RA Un NEFER AMEN
  • I am not so much concerned about the roots and origins of labels which we use to define ourselves as I am with the fact that Africans in America (the United States, particularly) suffer from an identity crisis caused by centuries of enslavement. We are perpetually searching for the right label to stick on our foreheads - as if it really matters. Through miseducation and inferior or inadequate education, our historical link to the Mother Land has been severed. We grapple with identifying ourselves based upon skin color rather than the geographical orogins of our ancestors. I thank that we must willfully unify ourselves psychologically, spiritually, and physically to our African origins. It is important to me that we continue to teach the young to be respectful and knowledgeable of their fore bearers.
  • I appreciate the well meaning intentions of black pride behind this post, but my response is "so, what? It's still an offensive word, no matter what its origins might be."

    In addition, and I am not trying to be disrespectful or antagonistic, but you didn't cite anything to concretely tie the words used in ancient Egypt and Nigeria, such as Net-Ger and Niger-IA , to the development and present use of the term "nigger". Without a definite link, how is one to know this isn't just conjecture or mere symantic word games based on coincidental terminology and imaginative yet wishful translation from a dead ancient language to a modern living language that otherwise have no root relation or connections? After all, I find it hard to believe that slave owners and Klansmen either spoke or researched the Kemetic and other African languages and meant to compare black people with God when they began using a term that was primarily meant to negatively distinguish, offend, and label black people as "other" and inferior.

    Finally, what about the argument that the term "nigger" is simply a derivation of the Latin term for "black?" See Since English uses many Latin terms, and comparitively fewer West African or Kemetic terms, I find the link between Latin and English terminology more plausible than a link between living English as it is spoken today and dead Kemetic as it was spoken before Christ was born. Black people uplifting themselves with positive thinking and the power of suggestion is a good thing, but not if it is done from what appears to be a mostly romantic revisionist point of view involving word and head games, rather than from an academically accurate and verifiable point of view that demonstrates concrete linkages which cannot be ridiculed, refuted or destroyed due to its objectivity and foundation in verifiable facts.

    Much love and respect,
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      Whoa! you all are jumping all over me about this post - is it complete, no, but wow, i don't remember these replies, but i wish i had seen these before - i guess i just don't know where to begin

      First off, i didn't post this as if to say that we should be walking around using this term nor in terms of us using it to reference us as gods - only to show how ironic it is that its lineage is the term of Divine expressions of NU even the term God (from Gott) is German word.

      Second others are going to use it no matter what our opinion is, and yes you're right Afro, there are many more links and connections - why not share what you have - just because i didn't cite it all doesn't mean that you can't ...and all languages come from Africa, and Kemet is not dead but very much alive today to those who are awake.

      And you won't find it in the whitewashed wikipedia either - unless you put it there

      >"Without a definite link..."<

      >"-romantic revisionist point of view involving word and head games, rather than from an academically accurate and verifiable point of view that demonstrates concrete linkages which cannot be ridiculed, refuted or destroyed due to its objectivity and foundation in verifiable facts.-"<

      that's a lazy western mans mind Set response and way of thinking, We can explain everything perfectly well, but many are not really interested in knowing, learning or listening, that's their problem. They have to inquire for themselves - the head games are actually in academical resources and His-(lie)-Story and it's Scientism Scientific method

      Science can't deal with "facts" because if something is a "fact"
      you can't form an experiment to "prove" it.

      This is one thing that separates all of us. They don't want you to know or try to talk you out of it as a disbelief - rather than belief. Their whole structure would collapse - It's not based on wastern Science and His-Story because their Science and His-story can't tell you one way or another but they will tell you Science is logical and their His-Story is Fact - infact it isn't
      they will tell you it is when they know it Isn't

      I've noticed many take a rather critical view of Africa, usually labelling it illogical and without reliable evidence. Some go as far as labelling it as unintelligible and absurd. Actually, in my opinion, I think declaring a disbelief in our Originality is illogical....Most don't even realize where their language comes from...Amen
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        The word "nig..." used to be the most revered and sacred word in the universe. It was the "devine epithet," and the people who began using the mother of all words that originated from this word which was sullied by the British, were the ancient Egyptians or better, the Khemites, who called their land, "Khemet" or "The Black Land," and also used the name, "Ta-merri" or "The Beloved Land."


        The father of the "n" word was the word used by the ancient Egyptians for "God." That word was "N-g-r" and as one can see, there are no vowels in this word. In the ancient African and even the present African languages (the Afro-Asiatic linguistic family) vowels such as "a,e,i,o,u" are not found in many translations, particularly of ancient Hebrew and Egyptian languages.

        In the translation of ancient Egyptian and Hebrew (which is heavily influenced by Egyptian), one will not always find vowels, therefore, very few people will realize that the word for God, which is "N-g-r" pronounced "en-ger" was the Egyptian word for God. In fact, the Egyptian word for "nature," is also the word used for God. That word is "ntyr," (pronounced net-jer." Now prounce the word "nigg.." and the word "net-jer," and one sees the clear connection.


        In many African languages particularly the Niger-Congo language family. Words that connects with people, Gods, and groups begin with "n" and that word is always the first word. For instance, the word "Nkosi" in Xhosa is "God." The word "Ndaba," in another South African language is "counsil" (or gathering of elders). Many common names also begin with "N".


        N-g-r (Egyptian;pronounced en-jer) = God
        N-t-y-r (Egypt; pronounced net-ger) = God, Devine
        Negash (Ethiopia; ne-gash) = King
        Negus (Ethiopia; ne-goos) = Emperor
        Nkosi (Xhosa; en-kosi) = God
        Ndaba (Zulu; en-daba) = Counsil/Officials,
        Naga (East Indian, Nubian = People
        Nugarmarta (West African = People (See the writings of Ibn Buttata's journey to West Africa)
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          The Romans are probably the first Europeans to misrepresent the word for God, which was "N-g-r"

          About the early part of the First Century, Romans tried to invade Ethiopia. (see BLACK HISTORY CHART or go to for a list of Nubian Pharaohs and Queens.

          The Romans who were speakers of Latin always knew of Blacks, there were Blacks in Rome, Italy had an ancient Black presence long before the Latins migrated from Central Asia and North Eastern Europe during the 'Aryan' migrations. In fact, the Latin ethnic groups is still in existance in the northern part of Italy even today. This part of Italy still grips about Hannibal's invasion which happened about two thousand two hundred years ago!!!!

          The Romans had a name for Blacks, it was "Niger" and it meant Black or people of African origins. Thus, Septimus Niger would have meant, Septimus the Negro. Yet, how did the Romans connect the word "Niger" to Black.

          In ancient times, Blacks were worshipped as Gods. The Gods of Greece came from Egypt. The worship of the Black Madonna is connected with the worship of Isis, the Egyptian Goddes. Moreover, Blacks in Egypt called their Pharaohs "En-ger" or "N-g-r" he was literally referred to as "THE GOD."

          It is very possible that when the Romans tried to invade Nubia, they asked for the name of the God and the term "N-g-r" was probably used in place of "leader" or "king". In Angola, the same also happened during the 1600's when the word "N-gola" which means "King" (notice the "N" and the "g" in this word as well), came to be "Angola,' the name of a kingdom in south western Africa.

          (Read more on Nubian, Egyptian, West African and ancient American trade and commercial connections in ancient times; see the book, "Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth," published by 1stBooks Library, also see


          A Roman general invading Nubia from Egypt would probably have used the Egyptian term for Pharaoh, which was "N-g-r" (God). This term then was used to refer to all Blacks and as time went by, the word N-g-r became Niger. In Fact, the Romans also classified their Emperors as "Gods," to follow the Egyptian style. Moreover, as the History Channel poointed out, "Rome was a collection of villages before the Egyptians built it up."(paraphrased).

          The word "em-peror" sounds very close to the word "en-jer." That is not a coincidental connection.

          Niger = (Latin or Black/African pronounced "ni-ger.")

          Nero = Italian for Black
          Negre = French for Black
          Negro = Spanish for Black
          The English called Blacks "Moore" or "Black-a-Moore" before they began using the word
          "Negro" to refer to Blacks. FROM THAT WORD CAME THE RACIAL EPITHET, "NIGG.."

          In like manner, the racist term for Japanese the mutilation of the word to shorten it into an epithet. Furthermore, the original name for Japan is the Chinese "Ni-Han." Now here is another great mystry that people who study the Niger-Congo linguistic family would quickly notice. EVEN THE WORD "Ni" in the Chinese "Ni-Han," has and ancient African connection.

          In fact, as Clyde Walters points out, The Chinese language is directly related to the Niger-Congo language which has its roots in the Cameroon region of Africa.

          In fact, there are thousands of African words from Cameroon to Kenya that have both prefixes and suffixes that are identical to both Chinese and Japanese languages (see also African Presence in Early Asia, by Ivan Van Sertima; Transaction Publishers)

          In the Case of "Ni-Han" which may mean "rising sun," there is also a sacred meaning that is found in the word "n-ger," or "ne-gro." Yet, the racist terms "nip," and "nigg..." or "jap," used by racists were and are being used without any understanding of their original meanings. Only hatred and envy comes out of the mouths of those who use racial epithets in their attempt to insult and denegrade others. However, it is up to us to study our history and make these racist words impotent, while at the same time, understanding their original meaning.

          Connection with the prefix "ni" with sacred and life:

          Ni'le = The Nile River, Life to the Egyptians
          Ni-ger = River in West Africa
          Niger = Nation in West Africa
          Nigeria = Nation in West Africa
          Nago = Racist term used by some SE Asians to refer to Black Melanesians of Africoid origins
          Nago-Mina = African nationality in Nigeria
          Naghual = Aztec word for Shaman or priest. The first Olmec Shamans in Mexico came from Nigeria and elsewhere in West Africa (see Black Civilizations of America
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            We must study our history. It is by knowing who we are that racist remarks and racial epithets will become impotent. Every time one uses the word "nigg..." to refer to a Black person, they are actually calling that person "God." When we Blacks say that our Afro's and locks are "natural," we don't realize the significance of the word or the true meaning.

            But something in our consciousness simply cannot be destroyed. To say we are going "natural," means we are going back to being "gods," because the word "natural," comes from the original Egyptian word, "n-t-y-r" which means "God." The ancient Egyptians used a similar word to call their Pharoahs. That word was "N-g-r." The word "Pharaoh," was never used to refer to any Egyptian King. Pharaoh came from the word "Per-o" which was the term for the Great Temple, where the King lived.

            Original Link:

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              Peace and Blessings, ------------ The true meaning of the stolen archetypes others called "Gods". who the Egyptians made over into Deities (outside of yourself) is completely false and wrong and why others are unable to translate the true understanding and meanings of what Kemeties were all about

              THE WORD "GOD" ; - An English version word derived from the German word "Gott", the word "Gott" means to the Germans ;- The supreme divine creator of the universe. An Alien word to th the Ancient Nubians who were the master mind of holy practices before all of the above .

              Before European history, the ancient Nubians were using the name "NU" as the name and the address to the Supreme Divine Creator of the universe. Since this modern civilization, learners with the title ;- Archeologist, Egyptologist, Anthropologist etc. humiliated and changed the Hieroglyphic's original translation of "NU-TEM, NU-TERU, TEM or NETERU to the English meaning term ;- "God" or "gods".



              What does "Netjer" mean?

              "Netjer" (net-CHUR, net-JAIR) is the Kemetic term for God. It is normally used in reference to the Self-Created One -- the source of godhead from which the Names (the Many gods and goddesses) spring forth. You may see Netjer referred to as both Netjer and God in Kemetic Orthodoxy. "God," unless the context is clearly stated to be about another religion, is to be understood to be the same as "Netjer." Phonetically, Netjer is spelled "nTr" (the capitalized "T" standing for a "tj" sound -- in a fully realized transliteration font, this would be lowercased and underlined). Because not everyone is aware that the "t" with a line under it, or capitalized T in the Manual De Codage system of hieroglyphic transliteration, stands for the "tj" sound and not just a "t" sound, you may see other spellings for Netjer including "neter," "ntr" and even "necher."

              The Kemetic Orthodox preferred spelling, as provided for us by Nisut (AUS), is Netjer When referring to various aspects of Netjer, the "ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses," we call Them "Names", implying that, while a Name is a distinct personality and an individualized god Being, It is also still an aspect of the One Godhead of the Self-Created (e.g., "I worship Ra; He is a Name of Netjer."). Less frequently we may also use "Netjeru" ("Gods"), the plural of Netjer, or "Netjert" ("Goddess"), the feminine of Netjer (e.g., "I am a daughter of the Netjert Aset, but I am beloved of the Netjeru Heru-sa-Aset and Wesir.") -- 6)
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                More Notes: Neteru

                "They are what the Kamitians call the Neteru; Yorubas call the Orishas, and Westerners have translated as dieties, gods, Archangels, angels, etc."

                TREE OF LIFE

                The greatest error that can be made at this point is to interpret this diagram as an arbitrarily created conceptual or theoretical explanation of the ordering system underlying physical reality. It represents the nine emanations [note: spheres 0 and 10 represent different realities outside of the nine emanations discussed here --editor] that are the shaping factors of all physical structures and events. They underlie, direct, and integrate all physical realities, from the subtlest sub-electronic forces, to the complex galaxies, to the organ systems making up the physical body of Man.... from the most primitive instinct of a slime mold to the most divine manifestation of the spirit of Man.

                They are what the Kamitians call the Neteru; Yorubas call the Orishas, and Westerners have translated as dieties, gods, Archangels, angels, etc.

                It is very important to understand, that contrary to popular opinion, cosmology does not attempt to explain how physical things, on the atomic and molecular levels, come into being. It concentrates on the coming into being of the metaphysical factors that will function as the vehicles through which the physical things will come into existence, as well as the means of regulating their structural and functional components, hence external behavior.

                In other words, a cosmogony deals with the "generation" (from "gonus") of a “system”. Properly understood, the terms "System" and "Cosmos" are synonymous; an assemblage, or combination of things or parts, working in unity, as a whole, cooperating to carry out the same function, to achieve the same goal, etc.

                It was said that the emanations, one to nine, are parts of a “system” through which Subjective Being, represented by zero (the absence of things, but not of Being) creates and administrates physical reality; “10”. These nine “DEITIES” – the PAUT NETERU – compose the “organs systems” making up the spiritual bodies of all physical things.

                They link them with their source of being and subsistence, and direct their functions. African religion, better comprehended as a Way of Life, is based on the understanding of the functioning of these nine metaphysical vessels of creation and administration. As they are shaping and governing functions, their activities carry the force of law.

                For example, you wouldn’t attempt to feed on hay because the functions that govern your digestive mechanism can't digest it. It is in this manner that the attributes of the Deities (Neteru, Orishas, etc.) represent the laws governing our lives on Earth.

                Observance of these laws allows them to fully bring forth their powers through our being. According to our chronological age, state of health, and level of spiritual development, the manifestation of these “powers” will range from our basest urges, to the commonly evolved “mental abilities”, to the psychical abilities held by a few, to the attainment of divine perfection, i.e., Man-Godhood on Earth.
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                  More Notes:

                  'Netjer' is the medu origin of the word Nigger, which means "God; God of Wis(z)-Dom(e) or Force of Nature". "Neteru-Ankh" KaMA'atu (Egyptian) Serpent God through whose body the Boat of Afu RA is pulled by twelve Amikhiu Neter (Gods), entering the tail and exiting the mouth, which results in Afu RA being transformed into KhepeRA, now towed into the sky by twelve goddesses. 'Nergal' is "the HeALer" in the Sumeria lore. In ancient Sumeria, the Anu-Naki ('Heavenly Serpent" "Sun Serpent" or "Serpent and the Rainbow") were Serpents, and Naki (E-NKI or s-NAKE) name for the Initiates of Chaldea, corresponding to the Nagas or "Snake-Kings" of the Buddhist legends, who preserves and guards the ancient truths.

                  From these bloodlines has come the origin of the "Divine Right of Kings." There is a direct link between the D-RAcontia, the Lemurian, Atlantean architects and builders who were originally, the Brotherhood of the Snake/D-RAgON, initiated by the Sumerian god E. A. or, the Serpent (Kundalini and DNA) in the Garden of Eden (Universe and Body) who is credited with building temples and teaching the people. The Medu Neteru (Hieroglyphs), cosmological monuments and institutions of the peoples of Central and South America prove indisputably the existence of communication between AMER-ica, AF-RA-KA and India.

                  Shub-Niggar-uth is an ancient Sumerian name for God, called later in Latin called Pan (which means ALL in ALL). It is a reference to the constellation Sirius. Naki-EL- Another name of the Arch-AngEL UriEL. Naki-EL in Hebrew means "Serpent of God," or "Knowledge of God." -------

                  Dr. Joseph Rock, a representative of the US Department of Agriculture, discovered the Nakis, a colony of Mu'urs (so-called Blacks), in 1923 in Southern China (*previously mention). The wife of Anu-bis (An-pu, An [On] or Anu) was Anu-kis or A-Nuki-s (Anu-Naki, Oannes, Nommo). She sails the Celestial Boat of RA, with Sothis (Soquet, Sirius) and Satis. Abe-Naki means "Father Serpent", a name of an Indigenous Mu'urish nation in Ameri-ka (so-called Native Ameri-kans). 'Naga,' means 'Serpent' in the Vedic Sanskrit.

                  The Hindu Naga Serpent Gods of India are mention in the "UPANISHAD TEXTS". Naga (Nagini - fem) - Indian Serpent Ruler, son of Kadru (Kedar in Hebrew means 'Black'), daughter of Daksha, was a title of Spiritual Power among HU(e)Mans. It is first important to note that the Snake (Serpent Spirit) has been a symbol of wisdom, eternity healing, mystery, MAgical power, and holiness throughout most of the ancient non-western world. It's symbol is used today in medicine, and other healing professions (Caduceus; U-RAeus), - and its live descendants are hailed as sacred and used in everything from cancer drugs to sex potions. Naga represents the energy of Life and Death.

                  The Naga spirits bring rain and rule the Underworld (the Belly or Navel ChakRA), the Nagas are manifestations of 'Agni' (fire), the Spirit Guardians; divided into four classes: 1. Heavenly 2. Divine 3. Earthly or 4. Hidden. The connections between the Blacks in AF-RA-KA and of India are strikingly similar, that even the names given to the various 'Naga' peoples of India and those of AF-RA-KA are the same in spelling and sound. For example, certain groups in Sudan are called 'Nagas,' whereas in India, Brahaman Vedic groups with racial features similar to the people of Sudan are also called 'Nagas.' "W. Robertson, "AN HISTORICAL DISQUISTION OF INDIA," Pub. 1794, Page 274.

                  "The Brahmins, it is well known, borrowed religion, as well as, all other sciences of civilization, from the highly civilized Nagas, whom afterwards, they relentlessly persecuted." The languages spoken by the 'Naga's and other Dravidians such as Telegu, Malayalam, Kanada and others are related to the Kushite languages of East AF-RA-KA, such as Gala and those spoken by the Nilotic peoples.

                  Moreover, these languages spread to West AF-RA-KA and far beyond India into Cambodia and South China. The ancient Indians belonged to the Kushite-Nubian AF-RA-KAM race. Of this group of ancient Af-RA-Kamau, the Naga People were and still are the largest subgroup of the Kushitic speaking branch of India. In fact, the 'Nagas' retain the title 'Naga' in various forms throughout AF-RA-KA and South Asia even today.

                  There are many examples of the term 'Naga' still being used to describe various groups in AF-RA-KA and Asia. For example, two AF-RA-KAM tribes of West AF-RA-KA are called "Nuga-rmar-ta" and "Nago-mina" who were establishers of great civilizations in Ghana and Mali that existed in the region before 1000 B.C.E. In the Mossi tribe King is currently called 'Naga', which is 'Naba,' which later developed into 'Nuba' or 'Nubia.'

                  The word 'Nahas' (Nahsi) is another word for 'Nubian.' Names of tribes and nationalities such as 'Nuer,' 'Nuba,' 'Nubian', and the North Ameri-kan/Delaware Nanticoke nation, the 'Le-Nape'or "EL Nabe" are all related to the Naga tribes of India and South Asia."

                  In "THE MAGIC AND FOLK BELIEFS OF THE SOUTHERN NEGRO" by Newbile Niles Puckett, he states, "Thousands of Negroes from these serpent worshipping tribes were at this time sold into slavery. They bore with them their cult of the snake. At the same period these Ewe speaking slaves [sic] were taken to Louisiana (mixed in with the IX-Olmec descendants, the Washitaw." Long before the Caucasian barbarians infiltrated India, the AF-RA-KAM Nagas, ruled India as well as a substantial portion of Asia from Arabia to China and the South Pacific, as well as the Indian Ocean region.

                  In India, Af-RA-Kamau built the magnificent cities of Harrappa and Mohenjo-daro. It is one of the world's most glorious civilizations, 6000 years before the making of the plagiarized conceptualized JeSus (Ju-Zeus). In addition, the Babylonian word 'Nabu' or the Biblical (Heb-rew) word 'Nebo' is related to the word 'Nuba.' 'Nabu' or the Hebrew-Assyrian word 'Nebo' means 'Prophet or 'Eye ' as in the "ALL-Seeing Eye." 'Nabu' (Tehuti, Imhotep) was the son of Marduk (Asaru) was the scribe and herald of the gods. Moreover, 'Nabi' is the Arabic equivalent, which means "Master of Knowledge" and is derived from the ancient Kama'atu (Egyptian) word 'Neb.' meaning 'Gold.' 'Neb' (Serpent) spelt backwards is 'Ben,' (Phoenix-Bird or "Serpent in the Sky") short for "Ben Ben," meaning 'Source' or 'Spring.'
                  "Naga-RAj," means "King of Serpents" or "Serpent King."

                  "Naga-bhushan," means "One who wears Snakes as ornaments of Shiva."
                  "Nag-endRA, means "King of Snakes."
                  "Nag-esh," means, "Snake in Man."
                  "Naga Kanya," means "Snake of the RAinbow."

                  The Naga Kanya a Seven-headed Naga, a counterpart of the God Vishnu. Naga-rjuna of India, for example, is shown with an aura, or halo, of Seven Serpents that is an indication of a very high degree of Initiation. The symbolisms of the Seven Serpents, usually cobras, are the (7) Seven ChakRAs, also on MAsonic aprons of certain systems in the Buddhistic ruins of Cambodia (Angk-or = "Ankh Ur" means "Living Light") and Ceylon.

                  To this very day, the Hindus are taught that the end of every Universal Manifestation (Kalpa) ALL things are re-absorbed into Deity and the the interval between "creations." He reposes upon the Serpant Sesha (Duration) who is called Ananta, or, Endlessness.

                  "Naga Lakshmi," means "Queen of Snakes."
                  "Naga-mani," means the "Mind (Gem) of Serpents."

                  'NagAL' means "Serpent-God" and is the title of the medicine men, magicians and initiates in ancient Mexico, Central and South American Indigenous civilizations. NagAL is another name of Quetzalcoatl; the Mexican "Winged -Plumed Serpent God (Kundalini Shakti energy). "According to traditions, Quetzalcoatl is the instructor, builders, healers, astronomers, etc. He built roads, civilized the people and departed across the sea on MAgic "raft of Serpents." Quetzalcoatl was "recognized as the MESsiah by seers and astrologers; his head was RAyed like the Sun; his complexion was Black; his hair was woolly."

                  In Uruguay, the word NagAL means 'Chief', a 'Teacher' or a "Serpent-God". 'The NagALs were known to the ancient Pre-Dravidian and the Sanskrit word for the South American NagALs is 'U-RAgas'. They are the present inhabitants of Naga-land, one of India's northeastern states. The Nagas were recognized as superior to humans. Those who later became the Nagas (Serpents in Sanskrit) in India, the Lung Dragons of China, and the Amarus in Peru, were elected to take the ancient wisdom to their respective countries.

                  Later, a similar convocation would occur on Atlan-tis with certain Serpent MASters of that land chosen to take the Atlan-tean records and teachings to the Pan-Atlantic territories. These missionary Serpents became known in Mexico as the Quetzalcoatls, Kukulcans, Gucumatz and Viracochas; the Djedi/Jedi ("Stable Serpents") of Egypt, the Adder Moorish Druids of Britain (St. Patrick ran the Snakes out of Ireland), and the Dactyloi Serpents of Greece. (It is interesting to note that wherever the Lemurian or Atlan-tean Serpents established schools of wisdom, they built temples aligned with the Planet Venus, the stars of Sirius, the Orion constellation and the former pole star Thuban in Draco, which became associated with Saviors and Immortals).

                  In Buddhism, Wisdom has always been ties, symbolically, to the figure of the Serpent. The Buddha resting on the coils of the Naga Serpent Mucalinda sheltered the Buddha from a weeklong rainstorm by enfolding him in his coils; this tale is from Angkor Wat. The great temple-builders of the famous Ankgor Wat were considered the semi-divine 'Khmers'

                  (Note: Khmers means "Creators" is derived from the AF-RA-KAM words 'Khnum [Kh-NUM],' the ancient KaMA'atu [Egyptian] name for "The Creator" and 'Nommo[s],' the KaMA'atu [Egyptian] derivative name of "The Creator" of the Dogon of Mali formerly of KaMA'at [Egypt]). The avenue leading to the Temple is lined with the Seven-headed Naga (the Kundalini's Seven energy centers chakRAs) and is in the exact configuration of the Constellation Draco of 12,500 years ago.

                  'Aguna' is the Solomon Islands Serpent Mother Goddess.

                  'Naggai' is Hebrew and it means "giving light: shining: brilliant: illuminating: enlightening: luminous intelligence." 'Nachash,' is HebREw and means 'Serpent.' In Arabic, it is 'Naya' (Nayya) or 'Nachaas'; in fact, the Arabic word for "Serpent People" is 'Naas,'(gNos-is) and this is the RE-ALm of the People or those made from mud "Black mud (MEL-anin)." 'Naasuwt' and even in English, it is s-Nake. Neke and Nakahi-Maori are also names for 'Serpents.'

                  According to the "METU NETER" by Ra Un Nefer Amen pg 98, states"the hieroglyphic symbol for this part of the spirit is a serpent (Apep, Nak, from whence Nachash, - the "serpent" that spoke to the woman in the Garden of Eden).

                  This part of the spirit is composed of subtle electro-magnetic energies that have the function of animating Man's life, especially the physical body. Hence, the name "animal spirit," or "anima and animus," as it was called in the Latin spiritual tradition. Our modern use of the term "animal" to denote the creatures that are thus identified is an example of muddling thinking. All things in this world are infused with this animating spirit."
  • I dont think that word is so bad if the right people use it. That means anything people label a bad word shouldn't be used...thats giving people too much power. If people call us chicken, were gonna give that the power.Lets ban profanity if thats the case all together, lets band comedy if that the case! So we can't call white people niggers either, it has a dictionary meaning =Ignorants person. A guy called me weird because im cultured and I called him an ordinary nigger and I did not use a ga i used er because thats what he is! I dont think blacks should use it every second in public, like we shouldn't curse every second in public but to say it here and there.....nigga please! I no longer accept titles that people call me unless I agree with it and thats how its always going to be. Besides all the ppl that are complaining are not even contributing to doing anythiiing in the community to change it at all. Just talking to talk. If you don't like it dont say it or answer to it! Respito to all!

    • >"So we can't call white people niggers either, it has a dictionary meaning =Ignorants person."<

      And that was the point of this thread, that's not what the word equals or means, it means gods - that to me takes any negative power away, but it's not what they call me, it's who I am. And what's the other persons intention, is it a term of endearment? or derogatory? I think that's what's important - you know the city white guys and Latinos, its so much a part of their culture it just runs off their lips, then you got others fronting and saying it and it don't even sound right, the word really has no power, but I do, so they can say it but after all we been through and are going through, they better watch their mouth and tone, and if the wrong persons says it at the wrong time they should know theirs going to be consequences.

      But with that said brothers can call each other what they want, but its up to us to share and educate one another and our true history - its not that the word is so bad, its just miseducation around who and what we are and were, we were not ignorant, we civilized the Western world.

      • I thought I'd change the lyrics to make a point ;-P


        In the night I hear 'em talk,
        The coldest story ever told,
        Somewhere far along this road
        we lost our souls
        To a Culture so heartless...
        How could you be so heartless... oh
        How could you be so heartless?

        How could you be so,
        Cold as the winter wind when it breeze yo
        *Just remember that you talking to me yo!
        "You need to Watch the way you talking to me you know"

        I mean after all the things that we been through
        I mean after all the things we got into
        And yo I know of some things that you ain't told me (our true history)
        And yo I did some things but that's the old me
        And now you wanna get me back
        And you gon' show me
        So you walk around like you don't know me

        You got a new friends (Mexicans)
        Well I got homies
        But in the end it's still so lonely

        In the night I hear 'em talk,
        The coldest story ever told,
        Somewhere far along this road
        They lost their soul
        To a Culture so heartless...
        How could you be so heartless... oh
        How could you be so heartless?

        How could you be so Dr. Evil
        You're bringing (brung) out a side of me that I don't know
        I decided we weren't gonna speak so why we up 3 a.m. on the phone

        Why do they get so mad at me for, homie I don't know they hot and cold
        I won't stop, won't mess my groove up cause I already know how this thing goes,
        You run and tell your friends that you're not needing me
        They say that they don't see what you see in me
        You wait a couple months then you gon' see,
        You'll never find nobody cooler than me

        In the night I hear 'em talk,
        The coldest story ever told,
        Somewhere far along this road
        We lost our soul
        To a Culture so heartless...
        How could you be so heartless... oh
        How could you be so heartless?

        Talkin', talkin', talkin', talk,
        Obama says just knock it off
        They don't know what we been through
        They don't know 'bout me and you

        So I got something new for you to see
        but you just gon' keep hatin' me
        Are we just gon' be enemies

        I know you can't believe we civilized and started humanity
        are you just gonna leave it wrong
        and you can't make it right
        Im gon' take off tonight
        In to the night...

        In the night I hear 'em talk,
        The coldest story ever told,
        Somewhere far along this road
        They lost their souls
        To a Culture so heartless...
        How could you be so heartless... oh
        How could you be so heartless?
      • My honest feelings on this word is simple. White folk dont use it at all and afro folk dont act ridiculously using it every second...especially in public. Some say it means god, some say ingnorant person. I say words words only hurt as much as the power you give them. If white folks start calling us chicken...then what? Life should be organic not some highly publicized drama, it is organic sometimes for me to say nigga please or that nigga is crazy. We took something that was said to be called "god" which is good, to something bad "ignorant person", To something way worse "a racial slur". Be organic, if someone means it in a good way, let it go black people that do way worst thing to your family, friends and community than say a word who's origin is heavily debated!!!

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