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Note: I'm Not into Paganism, Neo-Paganism or African Paganism; in which I believe is/has been distorted Gnosis
of our inner and spiritual Cosmology of self (Divine) into Materialism and Sensationalism.

I believe Deities (Tree of Life) are within us,

my definition of Witchcraft is "the masquerade ball of the ego-soul in man and woman."

I believe just like the corruptions of symbolisms of Africa by other western religions; worshiping Idols, misunderstood allegory etc
Most of the traditions like Voodoo, Yoruba, Candomble, Shango, Santeria, and Obeah...if not understood right (imo)
have been distorted as well -Dog Star

Mikyia mo (Greetings),

I thought I'd post this message that someone wrote on a different message board awhile back.

I saw that there was a discussion on the origin of the name of the continent in one of the threads here. I thought that because of some of the information, this might be best suited for the Spirituality forum. Post is below:

Mikyia wo (Greetings),

I understand your rationale for using Equatorial. It can be a
functional english term designating our people.

I use the terms Afuraka/Afuraitkait (Africa) and
Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) for several reasons.

The name Africa is not of european/arab origination. 'Amen' is used
by christians with the false definition "so be it" attached to it. Of
course, Amen is The Great God, Whom along with The Great Goddess
Amenet constitute the Supreme Being. The word 'hero' in english is
derived from 'Heru', phonetically and conceptually. The name 'Africa'
also is our own designation.

The term 'ka' means 'soul'. The metut/symbol is that of two arms
raised in a perpindicular fashion. However, we must look at the
term 'Qa' (as written in Budge's Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Vol. 2;
also, Queen Hatsheptsut's Tekhen/Obelisk). The term 'Qa' or 'Qaqa'
or 'Qiqa', is phonetically, 'Ka', 'Kaka', 'Keka'. The metut/symbol is
that of a man with his two arms raised in a perpindicualar fashion.
If you look closely, the two arms are the same two arms in the
metut/symbol/term "ka" (soul).

'Qa', 'Qai' or 'Qaqa' or 'Qiqa' (Ka, Kai, Kaka, Keka) is defined
variously as "the land above the banks of the river". The 'high'
land. The 'exalted' land. The 'raised' land. The "high ground upon
which the God of Creation first stood". It is the raised-land where
the eight primordial Deities converged to create the egg from which
Ra/Rait would emerge.

Ka, Kaka, Ke, Keka phonetically are the same terms as Qa, Qaqa, Qi,
Qiqa. Let's look at the Yoruba language. There are 5 sacred hills.
The sacred hill/raised-land in Yoruba is called oKe. The
specific 'ke' or 'oke' (hill) called 'oke ara' is defined as
the "hill upon which the manifestations of god first descended at the creation of
the world" .

In the Twi language of the Akan people, 'Koko'(Kaka) means 'hill'
(Twi-English Dictionary, by Paul Kotey). In Mayan, 'ka' means 'soil'.
(Amaru-ka; soil-land of Amaru--Amaru is the "plumed serpent", thus,
Amaruka 'America' is the 'land of the feathered/plumed serpent (Amen-

When Ra moves through matter He has the title "Afu Ra". (See the
temple of Seti I, Shat em Duat, 3rd Hour of the night for the title
of Ra being "Afu Ra" as opposed to "Af" or "Afu")

The first raised land (Qa/Ka), raised up above the surface of the
water, is the "Ka of Afu Ra" Afuraka. Of course, Rait (Rat) is the
Creatress of the world, just as Ra is the Creator. The feminine form
of the name is thus the "Kait of Afu Rait" Afuraitkait.

One of the definitions according to Budge for the term "nu"
is 'children'. Also, it refers to a plurality. Again, in the Twi
language of the Akan, the term "nom" (phonetically "noom") is a term
for the plural, hence 'oyere' (wife) 'oyerenom' (wives); 'nua'
(sibling) 'nuanom' (siblings); Nana (Elder/Elderess) Nananom
(Elders/Elderesses). The Akan plural 'nom' is derived of the
Kamau/Kenesu (Egyptian/Nubian) 'nu'.

The term 'af' [spelled with the metutu of a "reed" (A) and a "horned
viper" (F)] in Kamit means 'flesh' as in house or place of residence.

Your flesh is a house or place of residence for your spirit. Another
word for place of residence/house temple is spelled 'af' or 'aft'
[spelled with the metutu of the eagle (A) instead of the "reed" for
letter (A), the "viper" for (F) and the determinative for an enclosed

When Ra is moving through matter (e.g. 12 hours of the night), when
His energy is inside of the Earth and making the Earth vibrant,
Earth/matter becomes the 'flesh of Ra'. Afu Ra. Again, in Twi the
word for fertile land (land with life-giving energy moving through
it, i.e. cultivatable land) is called "afuw" or "afuo". Now, just as
the name of the Deity in Akan culture called 'Asuo Gyebi' is often
pronounced 'Asur Gyebi' So is "Afuo" also pronounced "Afur".

This is the reason why the land where some Akan people settled after having
"Descended from Heaven by golden chain" is called "Koko-Afuo" Koko (hill/raised
land) Afuo (land that is full of life; plantation; farmland). Today
this land is called Kokofu in Ghana. Koko-Afur is none other than

There is much more to this, as this is a brief summary. There is also
the fact that the term Hat-Ka-Ptah is often spelled Hat-Ptah-Ka (See
King Piye/Piankhi's victory stele). 'Het' was condensed into 'At' by
the greeks (note: Het-Heru becomes Hathor and Athyr). Ptah was
corrupted by the greeks and others into Putah (buddha) and Phutah.
Hence, Hat-Ptah-Ka, becomes A-futah-ka. (afuraka). Hat-Ptah-Ka and
Afuraka have the same meaning cosmologically. (More on this later, as
it relates to Ptah's functioning as fashioner of the World)

Finally, Our descent from the original Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut, the
original people of Afuraka/Afuraitkait; our descent from those who
remained in Afuraka/Afuraitkait to receive the [inner truths] of Spirits and of the
inner Goddesses and Gods; [some say] our ability through Ka-Nu/Kat-Nut (Melanin) to
receive and transmit the fullness of that Divine energy; Our
INCARNATION and RE-INCARNATION through these families; it is these
things [in total] that define us as Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut.

It matters not where we go now on Earth or are born on Earth, we remain
Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut in the physical world and the Ancestral realm.

This is simply because our various Ancestral traditions state our
civilizations around the world are a testament to the Divine Order
(manifest by the Tree of Life) operating within the worlds blood, our families.

There is much, much more to this, however we can definitely say with
truth that we are Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (created by and children
of, Afu Ra and Afu Rait. Our bodies were formed from
the original, black, raised land (Ka). Cosmologically and culturally,
this unites all of us who are roots of the Tree of the world.

Ma asomdwoee-Hetep
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    Fundamentally, all Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religions are the same.

    We all recognize the Great Mother and Great Father Who come together as the Two Halves of the Great Divine Whole to constitute the Supreme Being. (Amen and Amenet in Kamit, Lisa and Mawu in Ewe, Nyame and Nyamewaa in Akan, Chukwu and Komosu in Igbo, etc.)

    We recognize the Goddesses and Gods (Deities---Children of the Great God and Great Goddess), the Ancestresses and Ancestors, Their functions in Creation and Their relation to our functions in Creation as all are part of the Divine Order.

    The essence of Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religion is "the meditational incorporation of Divine Law and the Meditational restoration of Divine Balance". Through meditation, we incorporate things and entities in our lives that are in harmony with the Divine function the Supreme Being has given to us to execute in Creation. When imbalance occurs, when we stray from Divine Order, we restore balance to our lives through Meditation. It is by this means that we get back on track----realign ourselves with our function in the world.

    Similar to your body's cells each of which have a function to execute in the organ or system of which they are a part. By properly serving their immediate parent organ or system (Goddess or God---Deity) they are actually serving your entire body (the Great Organic System/Supreme Being). When imbalance occurs (disease) there are rituals performed (e.g. intake of medicine) so that your cells can get back to executing the Divine function in the Great Body of which they are a part and through which they are sustained.

    The basic differences amongst various ethnic expressions of Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religion are basically linguistic as well as the variations of expression (forms of dance, song, drumming, clothing, foods, etc.) based on location (regions of the continent) and specific Ancestral transmissions and taboos based on specific blood circles.

    Fundamentally, I HOPE we are all on the same page. As an Afurakani (African) male born in America, who has embraced and lives his Ancestral culture (Akan) [of kmt ] I feel at home when I am talking about Ancient Egypt. The differences in culture are slight, because we are all connected as Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans), physically and spiritually.

    With regards to the practice of foreign religions by our people. Generally, people just don't have trustorical information. Trustory [troo'-stoh-ree (true-story; trust-worthy story)] is defined as: "A true and accurate account of past events"

    Trustorical information about the false religions: christianity, islam, judaism/hebrewism, hinduism, vedanta, buddhism, etc. and their various forms: gnosticism, sufism, kabbalism, "esoteric" teachings, etc. is just now beginning to be released in a detailed fashion. The false religions and there psuedo-esoteric forms are finally being rejected by those of our people who are learning the truth. When people understand that jesus/yeshua/hesus and yeshua ben pandira, muhammad and bilal, moses, abraham, isaac, ishmael, buddha, solomon, sheba, menelik, etc. are absolutely fictional---beyond the shadow of a doubt---then we begin to realign ourselves with reality.

    When we study our ancient culture and religious practices of Kamit (Egypt) and Keneset (Nubia) we will find that the contemporary cultures (Akan, Ewe, Yoruba, Bakongo, Bambara, Dogon, Igbo, Goromantche, etc.) are directly descendant---genetically, linguistically, culturally and ritually. We also find the beginnings of religious perversion----when the westerns and Arabs and their offspring first invaded our societies and deliberately manufactured fictional characters and false religious practices in order to enslave those of us who would embrace them.

    I have some who attempt to challenge the information I present---but it is and always will be a futile effort. The information is trustorical. When you check the references and do the analysis you will find that it is irrefutable.

    It is only a matter of time now when our people (all of Us) the Human race and our beingness will be totally free of the false religions
    and false knowledge.

    Excerpts (my Edit) from

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