Ice Age is really the "White Age" racism, killings, and the "me first"

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People of the Ice

"Africans who migrated to Europe and were caught in the Ice Age, gradually lightened until their genes mutated to adapt to the scant sunlight, thus producing a race of whites."

Let's go back to the beginning . . . about 200,000 years before Christ. Prehistoric men and women had been living on the plains of Africa for more than three million years, developing tools, forming communities, building small huts, hunting, gathering food and creating the roots of human culture.

About two hundred thousand years ago some of these early people began to move north into Europe and west into Asia, probably following herds of animals during the warm spells between Ice Ages. As the Ice Ages returned again and again, these people were trapped in a frozen Eurasia very different from the warm, fertile plains of Africa.

No longer could they walk outside without covering their naked bodies from head to toe to keep from freezing to death. No longer could they sleep out under stars on a warm summer night, pick abundant fruit hanging from the trees or hunt herds of African animals so huge that they took days to stampede past.

These early humans were forced into frozen caves, huddled around fires for warmth, trudging through snow and ice to find food and fighting their neighbors over scraps of meat that it no longer made sense to share.

These Africans living in Eurasia began to lose their societies based on sharing and "we first", these were twisted into Eurasian cultures based on individualism and "me first".

Over thousands of years, the melanin that had protected their dark skins from the burning African sun began to fade from their complexions; their skin became a light yellowish pink.

The tightly curled black hair which had protected the brain so well from sunstroke grew limp and stringy, sometimes turning strange colors; red, brown or even yellow.

Healthy nostrils designed to exchange large amounts of cooling air in the lungs during hot, tropical days became pinched and narrow nostrils designed to preserve body heat in a frozen wasteland. Their lips shrank to almost nothing.
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  • The Dawn of Civilization

    Five thousand years ago the Eurasians (Europe and Asia are one continent, in case nobody has noticed) were still living in caves, but progress still flourished on the African continent.

    Africans had developed the world's first great civilization in the land of Kemet, known today as Egypt. For the first time mankind organized itself on a massive scale, building temples, cities and pyramids that could not be rebuilt today despite amazing modern technology.

    Without machines, without engines, without concrete and without computers, African people built pyramids so huge they can be seen from earth orbit with the naked eye. The great wall of China, built thousands of years later, is the only other man made structure of this magnitude.

    Thousands of years before the birth of Christ, Africans in Kemet made amazing developments in science, agriculture, commerce, religion, philosophy, education and government. A coin-operated holy water machine thousands of years old has been excavated in Egypt, only one of many amazing artifacts of the world's first great civilization.

    Age of the Barbarians

    Through trade and conquest, knowledge and the ideas of civilization spread out of Egypt and the fertile crescent to the whites living closest to Africa. First the Greeks, and then the Romans formed societies whose architecture, philosophy and cultures imitated concepts taken from Egypt.

    Learned African scholars and tutors were brought in to endarken barbaric Eurasians, with mixed results (the name Aesop means "Egyptian"). Greeks and Romans organized their societies enough to conquer and colonize large areas of Eurasia and Africa, including Egypt itself.

    White backlash by primitive tribes of Eurasians against African cultural influences in Greco-Roman society caused savages from the north to overrun Rome, resulting in the Light Ages; a thousand years of European ignorance compounded by savagery.

    Only one group in Europe made significant strides in mathematics, navigation, philosophy, invention and learning during this time period; the Africans who had taken over southern Spain

    • Age of the Barbarians II: The Sequel

      Five hundred years ago Eurasian barbarians swarmed out of the north once more, this time spreading over the whole earth. They were successful because they were quick to adapt to technology, raw materials and concepts stolen from other cultures (gunpowder, the printing press, spices and pasta from China; metallurgy, mathematics, Christianity and navigation from Africa).
      Europeans took control of the earth, spreading their greed-based culture using gunpowder and religion. They murdered millions of people and enslaved millions more, wiping out whole cultures that stood in the way of their conquest.

      Sexual interaction with the conquered people, especially African people, quickly showed that the penis would not be as effective a weapon as the gun or the bible had proven to be. The children of interracial sexual contacts tended to have African features: good tightly curled hair, dark skin, strong noses and lips, instead of non-black features like stringy hair, pale complexions or thin lips.

      • Fifteenth century Europeans quickly understood what twentieth century scientists would later explain through research in genetics; "white" genes are recessive (weaker), while original African genes are dominant (stronger).

        It would be unkind to call whites freaks of nature (imagine an albino pit bull), so I won't do that.
        What I will point out is that pit bulls, cocker spaniels, Doberman pincers and poodles are all dogs; all of them evolved from a common ancestor . . the wolf. Each has it's own nature, it's own personality and characteristics, but each is still a dog, adapted to a different environment.

        Ever See A Black Polar Bear?

        The polar bear, a cold weather animal, tends to be white with thick fur and a heavy layer of fat to protect it from the arctic environment. Bears in warm climates tend to be brown with thinner hair and fat layers; both are bears, but they're adapted to different environments.

        Many arctic animals, wolves, jackrabbits, huskies, tend to be white or light colored with special cold weather body characteristics because those things help you to survive in a frozen world.

        European or "white" people are merely the cold weather adaptation of the human race; but the human race was originally adapted to the searing sun of Africa. This doesn't make "whites" better than or superior to other humans, only different.

        But a vital aspect of that difference is the fact that white genes are recessive, a major problem if your race represents less than 10% of the world's gene pool.

        Africans are descendants of the original human strain, which is why African genes are dominant. Much to the chagrin of "white" people, sexual contact between Africans and Europeans can be expressed by the following formula; "Black" + "White" = "Black".

        • Racial Suicide

          Any serious racial mixing with the other 90% of the world's population would result in the disappearance of the "white" race, in other words, racial suicide. The only intelligent thing "whites" could do was set up a system that defines the majority of the world's people as "sub-human".

          So "whites" created a strict system of racism, separation and exploitation on every level of their society; economic, cultural and sexual, with the strictest taboos against sexual contact between African males and "white" females.

          Somehow the same system of apartheid winks at massive, organized penile imperialism by white males against African and Asian women.

          This system not only makes perfect sense if you are of European decent, it works to your benefit psychologically, economically, culturally and sexually. It would be stupid (and suicidal) for "whites" to end a racist system so vital to their prosperity and survival.
          How Does Racism Affect African People?

          What Am I Trying To Tell You?

          To get a grip! As long as "black" people exist, "white" people will continue their racist system.

          They won't change, they won't reform, they will never recognize the humanity of other racial groups. They might smile at you, they might hire you, they might be your friend . . . some of them will even sleep with you.
          But they will never, ever change. They would be stupid to do so.

          • What Should You Do?

            * Read, study and think for yourself: Don't believe anything, especially about issues involving race, without studying the subject yourself and making up your own mind about it.

            Teachers lie, politicians lie, "experts" lie, religious leaders lie, historians lie, books lie, just about everyone lies either to protect their special interests or because they mindlessly repeat the lies they have been told since childhood.

            It's comfortable to parrot the "common wisdom"; it's also the surest way say and think stupid things that benefit others and damage yourself. "Common Wisdom" is a contradictory term like "Jumbo Shrimp" and "Military Intelligence"; wisdom is far from common.
            * Research racism: Like anything else, you may have to wade through tons of bull manure to find an ounce of wisdom, but the process is worthwhile, it's the only way to get to the truth.

            * Decide whether the "white" racist system benefits you: If it does, continue to think and act the way you always have.
            If "white" racism does not work in your best interest:

            (1) Liberate your brain from the lies which prop up the racist system . . . read, study, do research, plan and organize!

            (2) Work to build the institutions that will benefit you and your people . . Afrocentric schools, businesses and eventually, governments. Other people will never educate, feed, house, clothe or defend us; we must do those things for ourselves.

            • posted article (above)

              Read About It: Here's a list of books which can help set the record straight about history . . .

              The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley

              Roots by Alex Haley

              African Origins of Civilization, Myth or Reality by Cheikh Anta Diop

              Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams

              The African People and Their History by Joseph E. Harris

              Introduction to African Civilization by John G. Jackson

              Caribbean History The Caribbean From Columbus To Castro by Eric Williams

              Capitalism and Slavery by Eric Williams

              Black Jacobins by C. L. R. James

              How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney

              The West and the Rest of Us by Chinweizu.

              Not To Be by Mba Mbulu

              Documents in West African History by Eric Williams

              They Came Before Columbus: The African in Ancient America by Ivan Van Sertima

              African-American History From Slavery to Freedom by John Hope Franklin

              Before the Mayflower by Lerone Bennett, Jr.

              Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson

              The Slave Community by John Blassingame

              The Negro in the Making of America by Benjamin Quarles

              A Chronology of the Bible by Yosef Ben-Jochanan

              Classical Africa by Dr. Molefi Asante

              The Pains and Images of Psychological Slavery by Na'im Akbar

              Gifted: Discovering Your Hidden Greatness by Jefferson Edwards

              Rebellion of Humans by David A. Anderson / SANKOFA

              Egypt, Child of Africa by Ivan Van Sertima

              What is Life by Kalamu Ya Salaam

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